Natural nourishing balm with Helichrysum and Myrtle


In collaboration with Nuraxi, a line of body, hair and face products inspired by Sardinia, its extraordinary raw materials and scents. Exclusive formulations, natural and organic ingredients, for healthy hair and skin.

96% natural and enriched with valuable extracts, a perfect conditioner for all hair types and environmentally friendly.




Marine Conditioner – Natural Nourishing Conditioner with Helichrysum and Myrtle

For the health and beauty of hair, this conditioner is ideal for nourishing and moisturizing it after washing, making it soft, shiny, healthy and strong. It is enriched with olive oil and with fermented helichrysum extract, which helps revitalize and restructure the hair. From the Greek Helios (sun) and Chrysos (gold), helichrysum is known for its spicy fragrance and anti-aging properties.

  • 96% natural.
  • Main ingredients: helichrysum, myrtle, aloe, lemon, orange, olive oil, sea salt.
  • For all hair types.
  • Perfect for those with brittle hair.
  • Also for daily use.
  • Recycled and recyclable plastic bottle.
  • Zero non-essential packaging (no pouch).
  • 250 ml
  • How to use: Apply after Natural Shampoo with Helichrysum and Myrtle. Distribute the product on damp lengths. Leave on 1-2 minutes and rinse.

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