Lavender essential oil


Organic Lavender vera essential oil, steam distilled. 100% made in Italy.




Ten years ago we planted the first Medicinal Lavender, of the finest species, on our organic farm in an unspoiled valley in the Apennines of Piacenza. We learned to know it, to care for it, to love it.

We weed by hand, respecting the land, its fruits and ourselves. In the summer months we steam distill the flowering tops of Lavender vera. Drop by drop, a few liters of a pale gold-colored liquid descend from the still, with an herbaceous, soft, only slightly camphorated scent, with fruity top notes and a balsamic hay base. It is our essential oil: very pure.

Food-grade Serra&Fonseca Lavender essential oil can be used for flavoring: one drop per 100 grams of food is sufficient.

It will come to you with the bakelite screw cap, and the dropper separately.

100% Made in Italy, 100% natural.



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