Founded in 2012, Serra&Fonseca is located on a large estate
in Emilia Romagna, a land of castles and oak groves,
skirted by an ancient Salt Route.
Here we grow lavender, iris, helichrysum and other perfume ingredients,
and we extract essential oils by steam distillation.

The brainchild of Giovanna Zucconi Fonseca, Italy’s most prominent
scent culture specialist, Serra&Fonseca stands for Italian beauty,
that unique mixture of nature and culture, landscape and art,
of handcrafts and taste.

“Telling stories has always been my job, and it still is”, says Giovanna,
who is a renowned journalist and hosted radio and tv programs.
“To me, scent is a way of telling stories”.


Serra&Fonseca started with the “fragrance books”, distributed
in bookshops and featuring a solid perfume with original short stories
about perfume written by foremost Italian writers
(Andrea Camilleri, Gianrico Carofiglio).
Then went further and designed scents for the most important
Italian museums and for FAI – the Italian National Trust.

Serra&Fonseca high-end collections are distributed in museums,
selective perfumery shops and concept stores,
both in Italy and abroad (France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Japan).

Our signature item is the pebble-shaped wooden case,
handmade by an Italian craftsman.
Serra&Fonseca fragrances are 100% Made in Italy.


Serra&Fonseca is a storyteller for brands, retail shops, exhibitions,
making sure the message is perfectly crafted through signature scents,
and creating long-term value.
We bring into olfactory marketing our unique know-how
both as storytellers, Giovanna being a journalist and a writer,
and as perfume makers.

Each fragrance tells a unique story, creating a sensory identity
and enhancing the brand through the most emotional, memorable
and bonding form of communication.

All our projects are taylor-made, triggering distinctive branding levers.
We offer an all-encompassing service: selection of the best raw materials, scent design, technological diffusing solutions meeting the highest security standards, graphic design and packaging consultancy.

Among are partners are RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop; Davide Groppi light design; Apoteca Natura network (Aboca Group); Emergency Ngo.


There is plenty of beautifully smelling scents, out there.
Still, we believe one always has to ask the right, and even the hardest,
questions. How good is “good”?

Alongside with its aesthetical and functional values, creating a scent
arises many different, overlooked issues, involving the environment,
agriculture, geopolitics, fair trade, sustainability and even health.
You inhale scents when you breathe. Perfumes linger in your home,
office, showroom, store.

We select the best, most sustainable raw materials. We managed
to create allergen-free fragrances. Moreover, ongoing tests
in an university laboratory demonstrated that some
specially-designed, 100% natural Serra&Fonseca home fragrances
reduce bacteria and fungi in the surrounding environment.

Due to its social and environmental committment, Serra&Fonseca
is in the process of becoming a B Corp.

Serra & Fonseca, meanwhile, showed its beautifully made wooden ‘eggs’ containing solid wax perfumes.

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